Rokudo Mukuro

Any requests?

First, I want to thank you, everyone! I'm really glad all of you are enjoying the icons and it makes my day everytime I read a comment about that n.n thank you for all the support ♥

Okay, now, I have another Karneval batch to post (since I promised I'd make icons from all the episodes), but it's been a while since I've posted other type of icons lol so, I have some other icons I want to post, but I also want to hear what you want to see. Any anime, band, tv show, I don't know, anything you want me to make icons/wallpapers/banners of, I'll listen!

I don't know exactly when I'll make them, but I will eventually. I've been a little busy with college, life and stuff, but I'll try to make more icons and graphics on my free time n.n

So, yeah! I already plan on making some Fairy Tail, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and ViViD icons, but I'd love to hear some requests or ideas :3
Thank you! n.n